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Where Spirit Inspires Education
Where Spirit Inspires Family
Where Spirit Inspires Service
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Where Spirit Inspires Wonder

Our Mission

To deliver an academically excellent, Catholic education that develops the whole person and inspires a Christ-centered life in a global community.

Our Vision

All Saints Academy creates and nurtures an environment, which supports students, educators and community in realizing their God-given gifts, reaching their full potential and developing their life-long relationship with Christ.

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Core Values

  • Care Deeply
  • Share Generously
  • Serve Willingly
  • Speak Kindly

Upcoming Events

31 May
6th Grade Graduation Mass, St. Cloud Campus 8:00 AM

1 June 
6th Grade Graduation Mass, St. Joseph Campus 8:00 AM

1 June 
Last Day of School both Campuses

13  July 
ASA Summer Picnic, Hester Park 4:00 PM

27  July
ASA Summer Picnic, Hester Park 4:00PM

15  August
Paperwork night & Social, St. cloud Campus 4-6:30 PM

24  August
Open House, St. Cloud Campus 4:30-6:00 PM

28  August
Half Day for Kindergarten Students, St. Cloud Campus

29 August
First full day of school both campuses