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Measure of Academic Progress at All Saints Academy

In 2012 All Saints Academy joined many other schools across Minnesota and the United States, public and non-public, in our use of the Northwest Evaluation Association’s (NWEA) MAP testing – Measure of Academic Progress.


The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) is a
norm-referenced standardized achievement test. It is computer-based and adaptive to each
student. The MAP is not a timed test, students are given time to complete a full set of questions.
As the student works, the test adapts based on the student responses. If the answers given
are correct, the question difficulty increases. If answers are incorrect, the question difficulty is

Once a student has taken the test in the spring, winter, or fall All Saints Academy has
access to annual typical growth norms for students at this same level. In addition, NWEA
provides individualized and small group instructional recommendations for teachers.
The NWEA MAP test is also aligned to Minnesota State Standards.

The administration of the NWEA Measurement of Academic Progress at All Saints Academy
has three purposes:

  1. To document and measure student achievement over time. 
  2. To plan for individual student needs. 
  3. To inform instructional decisions at the classroom level.

All Saints Academy also uses the NWEA data, combined with other assessment data, to continuously analyze student growth and achievement. We will be working to post test results on our website in the future.

Questions about NWEA? Feel free to email our Principal, Karl Terhaar at:

You may also access their website at:

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